sunflower seed shelling line

Sunflower Seed Shelling Line

We are a professional company supplied all kinds of seed processing equipment in China. Our sunflower seed shelling line can clean various impurities in sunflower seeds, then shelling, remove shells, separate and re-separate. The un-shelled seeds can be returned to sheller for re-shelling automatically, which make automation degree improved greatly. It is the most ideal equipment to process both confection and bakery sunflower kernels for food and oil industry, for more details please contact us in the following form.

Sunflower Seed Shelling Line

Functions and Features of the Sunflower Seed Shelling Line

The sunflower seed shelling line is one of our company’s patented products with independent intellectual property. The equipment with special double shelling devices is improved which increases capacity greatly. And the operation employs the technology of double- frequency converstion,  which can control the sheller individually, stepping up the efficiency of shelling. The equipment can achieve many functions, such as cleaning, shelling, removing shells, separating, re-separating, etc. The unshelled seeds can be returned to one of the shellers for re-shelling automatically.
The equipment features compact structure, small size, low damage of kernels and seeds, automatic feeding material, easy operation and maintenance. It is well recognized to be most suitable for processing sunflower seeds in the world.

Processing Flow Chart

Sunflower Seed Shelling Line

Configuration:1.  Feeding Hopper, 2.  elevator, 3.  cleaner, 4.  bucket elevator, 5.  twin dehuller, 6.  separator for shells-seeds-kernels, 7.  separator for seeds-kernels, 8.  materials-returning system, 9.  re-separator1, 10.  re-separator2, 11.  re-separator3, 12.  kernels collector, 13.  electric control cabinet

Main Technological Parameters 

Power Height Weight Operator Space Occupied Input Capacity Ratio of the Whole Kernel Ratio of Inshell in the Kernels
12.55Kw(380V,3PHASE 50HZ) 3.55m 4.5ton 2 workers 13.7×2.8m 1.0-1.2 ton/hour ≥95% (Broken kernel is less than 1/2 of whole kernel) ≤0.5%

The oil processing machinery have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as USA, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Poland etc. and have been well recognized by customers around the world.  

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