oil extraction machinery

In earlier times, the extraction of oil was done by pressing the oil seeds with the stone grinders or other mills. Nowadays however the extraction of oil can be easily done with innovative and technologically advanced oil extraction machinery for small capacity as well as large capacity oil extraction plant.

Oil Extraction Machinery

Oil Extraction Machinery

There are two methods to extract oils form oil bearing materials, one is chemical method the other is mechanical method. Oil pressing is a mechanical method that is used to extract oil from oil seeds like sunflower seeds, cotton seeds,  peanuts, safflower seeds, soybean seeds, rape seeds, castor seeds, copra, mustard seeds etc.

In order to extract the oil content from them, the oil seeds have to be crushed or squeezed under a high pressure in one step. As the seeds are pressed, it produces a friction, which causes seeds to heat up. As the heat of the expellers increase, the yield of the extracted oil also increases.

Features and Advantages of the Oil Extraction Machinery

Quite a lot of oil extraction machinery could be employed in entire oil extraction plant. Our oil extraction machinery is created considering the newest extraction technology , the oil extraction machinery we supply is utilized to your extraction of both edible and non-edible oils. This ensure higher production which has no breakdown. The biggest advantage of using oil extraction machinery is that the oil that is extracted through the use of such machinery is organic and 100% free of all chemicals. The use of chemicals increases the oil yield by a large quantity, but they are not very pure and healthy. Whereas, the oil extracted by using Screw Presses do not need the use of any kind of chemical. Even though the yield is lesser, it is much healthier and purer.

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