plate and frame filter press

Plate Filter Press

Plate and frame filter press always be used as a oil purifier in the oil processing plants for edible oil or biodiesel, this type of plate filter press is ideal equipment for edible oil plant and individual oil processing house. We supply a wide range of oil filter presses, available in different sizes and with varied capacities, we can also provide plate filter press in custom specifications.

Featurers of the Plate and Frame Filter Press

YLY series plate and filter press is quite suitable for filtering crude oil or refined oil, it is can also be used to filtering bleaching oil in the oil refining plant.Our plate filter press is characterized by convinient operation, stable technical effect, high capacity and low impurity.

Plate Filter 

Press Plate Filter 


Technical Parameters of the Plate Filter Press

Working Pressure
Filter Plate Dimension
No.of Filter Plates
6LB-250 100kg/h 0.75kw 780*530*670mm 155kg 0.3-0.4MPa 250*250mm 13pcs
6LB-350 200kg/h 1.1kw 1300*750*700mm 470kg 0.3-0.4MPa 350*350mm 25pcs

Operating Instruction of the Plate Filter Press

When plate filter press is working, all the pipe clips should be tightened to prevent the oil from leaking. Filtering cloth should be put between the filter plates, and then lightened by tension bolt to make sure no leakage exists. Under the normal operation, the oil will come out 2 or 3 minutes after starting the press. If no oil comes out, please stop the press or inspection that if the oil pipe is clogged up or not. Under the filter piate. The valve is mounted which will be used when some filtering cloth is broken or the oil looks dirt.

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