solvent extracor

Rotary extractor and loop extractor are the most two popular solvent extractors in the process of solvent extraction.

Solvent Extractors

Rotary extractor is popular for various pre-pressed oil cakes which has adopted a variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drive with an adjustable rotation speed. A chain transmission imparts smooth, reliable operation. The fixed-plate grid is made of stainless steel. Its precision 18-cell design and transverse plate grid prevents concentrated miscella from flowing to incorrect chambers.    The loop extractor, however adopts a chain driving system. This kind of solvent extractor ensures less power consumption, less maintenance, and reduces noise. The rotation speed of loop extractor can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseed's quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable. This will help to form micro negative-pressure in the extractor to prevent the escape of solvent gas.

Solvent Extractor Solvent Extractor
Solvent Extractor - Rotary Extractor Solvent Extractor - Loop Extractor

Solvent Extraction Process

The prepared material enters the solvent extractor through the rotary air seal. The solvent extractor consists mainly of a very slow moving articulated band conveyor inside a totally enclosed chamber. The band is lined with perforated sheets and porous stainless steel cloth. The mass of the material moving on this band forms a slow moving bed. During the movement of the bed through solvent extractor it is washed continuously at various points with miscella of decreasing concentrations and finally with a fresh solvent in a counter current manner by means of sprayers kept in a line over the meal bed. The miscella percolates through the perforated bottom and collects in various hoppers kept below the bed. The miscella from the last hopper, which is concentrated, is taken off for distillation.

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