small fish oil refinery mill

Fish oil is today one of the most used dietary supplement in the world, many people do not like to eat fish, but the oils from fish is something we need to be able to function in a modern world full of stress and pressure.

Many people do not know how the fish oil is extracted and refined from fish like cod, mackerel, salmon, herring and other very oily fish. Here we will show you how to get refined pure fish oil and give you better instruction to set up fish oil refinery factory easily.

small fish oil refinery mill

Preparatory Work Before Refining Fish Oil

First you have to catch the fish, get it to the plant before you can start to process the fish and extract the oil.
When extracting the oil, you first start to cook the fish, it has to happen at special temperatures, so that you do not harm the essential oils, when you press the fish and make sure you extract as much oil as possible.

fish oil

Why the Extracted Fish Oil Need Refining

The many chemical components when refining fish oil is complex and it is essential you have a plant that is equipped to handle it. The fish oil has to be kept under a certain temperature and you have to be sure you refine it without damaging the essential parts, omega -3, that is so beneficial to humans.


Fish Oil Refinery Process

The refining part consists of many parts; it is not just like squeezing a lemon. You have to extract thee oils in the right way and make sure you keep it clean, without harming all the beneficial oils.  

The fish oil refining process is a completely different process and starts with removing the few solid parts that has sneaked through the first stage. The fish oil refinery plant has to use a refining process to separate oil from water, the water is returned to the dried part of the fish and dried a second time. Now you have the oil from the fish, but you need to wash it to remove impurities, the you separate he oil from the water again, and you now have the possibility to add carbon treatment, which can help in adding a longer expiration date, or you can send it to be packed and shipped to consumers. It goes without saying that this process is all happening in a closed circuit to avoid contamination from the outside. Often Alkali refining is used to make sure the finished product is as pure as it can be, this can be done by letting the oil drain through an active carbon coal web, making sure it is completely free from impurities

Generally speaking, 4 main steps are involved in fish oil refinery process, they are neutralization, washing, bleaching and deodorization.

main process of fish oil refinery

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The last but most important thing is to select a good oil refinery supplier, for a good, experienced fish oil refinery supplier will help you a lot in the whole process of fish oil refinery.
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