oil storage tanks

Oil Storage Tanks

Oil storage tanks are the storage facility for oils which can be used to store palm oil, palm kernel, cotton seed oil, fish oil, lard oil, algal oil, linseed oil, etc. Generally there are two basic types of oil storage tanks: the crude oil storage tank and the product oil storage tank.

Materials of the oil storage tanks are all stainless steel structure. Humanized design and easy to operate. All the joints and interior surface is mirror polished to avoiding dead corners. Which cleanable to sanitary standards.

oil storage tanks

oil storage tanks

Types of Oil Storage Tanks

The crude oil storage tanks move large quantities of unrefined crude oil from its point of extraction to the refineries. In contrast, the oil storage tank for the finished product is generally much smaller and is usually designed to move edible oil from refineries to points near consumer markets.

Typically, the type of storage tank is selected based upon the capacity and vapor pressure of the product being stored. The working pressure required depends upon the vapor pressure and the temperature variations of the liquid surface.

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