Burkina Faso Client for Peanut Oil Refinery Plant

A customer from Burkina Faso have a visit to KMEC about peanut oil refinery plant. On Oct.25. In the morning, we took him to an oil factory we help build in Neihuang, Anyang. In the afternoon, we went to vist the museum of Chinese text. Our customer have great interest in our products and have a happy disscussion about peanut oil production and refinery.

Visiting Peanut Oil Refinery Factory

customer from Burkina Faso visiting peanut oil refinery factory

Answering Customer's Questions About Peanut Oil Refinery Patiently

answering customer's questions about peanut oil refinery

Taking the Client to The Museum of Chinese Text

customer from Burkina Faso taking a picture at the museum of Chinese text