10TPD Peanut | Soybean Oil Press Plant& Refinery Togo

This 10TPD Peanut and Soybean Oil Press Plant and 3TPD Oil Refinery is in Togo.
sunflower and peanut oil pressing plant in Togo
Customer raw materials are soybean and peanuts, daily consumption of 10 tons of raw materials to produce 3 tons of oil, refined Nissan 3 tons. Raw materials from the hoist into the stone machine, large impurities are removed, and then into the screening machine by the dragon into the shell and other light impurities to remove. Then the material has a dragon transmission through the strong magnetic, the material in the iron impurities removed, into the crusher. In the crusher, the material is broken, and then transported by the dragon into the stamping machine, the material is pressed into a cake. Pie-like material through the hoist into the dragon, assigned to three oil press. Material through the oil press, fry out of the oil into the tank, the waste cake through the dragon to the pit, artificial collection. Into the tank of oil, through the pump into the frame filter, filtered oil into the temporary storage tank, and then into the refining pot by the pump. The oil in the refining pot is added to the appropriate lye and precipitated after the soap angle, followed by the removal of the soap angle, followed by the addition of brine for water to precipitate the impurities. After washing the oil into the clay pot, add the right amount of clay, high temperature to remove the color, then the oil through the oil filter into the frame filter, filter oil into the temporary storage tank, after the pump was into the deodorant pan, high temperature deodorization. Deodorized oil through the belt filter was into the finished product tank, and then into the filling machine for filling. Filling the oil finally through the capping machine, the bottle. Filling machine is a fully automatic filling machine, digital display, plc control.