olive oil refining line export to Peru

The customer comes to find us at the Canton Fair, they ordered 1tpd Olive Oil Refining Line from KMEC.

The mini refining line includes a series oil refining equipment, such as air compressor, bleached oil pump, water pump, gear oil pump, heat conduction oil furnace, refining part, steam and water eject pump, steam and water separator etc.

The following pictures show detailed machineries in the factory before shipping abroad.

olive oil refining pots air compressor
Main Refining Pots Air Compressor
bleached oil pump heat conductive oil pump
Bleached Oil Pump Heat Conductive Oil  Pump

fatty acid collector liquid rotation separator control cabinet and electric wires heat conduction oil furnace
Fatty Acid Collector & Liquid Rotation Separator Control Cabinet and Electric Wires Heat Conduction Oil Furnace