oil filtering assembly line

We offer qulity oil filter presses as well as complete oil filtering assembly line for edible oils with different capacities. The edible oil filtering assembly unit is designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer life and least maintenance. We can also provide filter press in custom specifications.

Oil Filter Press

oil filtering assembly line

Plate filter press is a kind of oil filtrating facility matched with all kinds of oil press machines, mainly used to separate the oil and residue from the first vat oil. The filtrating cloth between the filter plates forms many rooms. The oil under the pressure goes through the filtrating cloth, gets out from the faucet beneath the filtrating cloth. The  plate filter press is qualified the technology requirements of the IB/T 4333-1997 the pressure oil-filter in compartmental and plate type. 

Crude (freshly extracted) oil contains moisture, and fiber, resins, colors etc. from the plant material, which make it darker and more opaque. These materials are removed by clarification – either by letting the oil stands undisturbed for a few days and then separating the upper layer, or by using an oil filter press. The oil is filtered through a cloth and heated briefly to 100°C to boil off any remaining traces of moisture. This is usually sufficient to meet the quality needs of customers and give a shelf life of several months when correctly packaged. However, the oil requires additional refining stages of de-gumming, neutralising and de-colouring to have a similar quality to commercially refined oils, and these stages are difficult to complete at a small scale.

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