how to start oil mill

Edible oil production is a viable business route as they are found in every kitchen owned by a man both domestic and commercial. We look at how to set up an oil mill for edible oil processing in this article.

Before engaging in any business, a key item is to have a business plan. This plan will outline all the resources and few processes needed to result in a successful oil mill business.

The first step to setting up an oil mill is to know the materials required for the process. As the oil mill is for edible oils, the raw materials under consideration include palm nut, peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, soybeans, canola, etc. The decision of which raw material to use goes hand in hand with the location of the plant. Location of the plant may determine which of the edible oil material will be used in your production process. Other factors that location is influenced by is the distance to the market to whom your product will be supplied, as well as other supplies needed for your production processes such as staffing needs, access to power and water.

oil mill plant

You then have to factor in the laws and regulations of the land. Depending on the country and location in which your plant is located, certain incentives could be open for your exploitation in the setting up and running of your plant by way of subsidies. These could also have an impact on the way your plant operates when you consider pollution regulations etc.

Before engaging in any form of enterprise, it is essential to scope out the competition in the market in which you will be participating. This is as it would have an impact on your marketing process and could also affect the way production is carried out by your plant.

Expertise on how to run an oil mill is essential. This coupled with your investment available will determine the type of oil mill plant and equipment used in the plant.

There are three main stages involved in editable oil production. The first being the oil extraction process. This can be done by way of an expeller process (I.e a mechanical pressing process) or a solvent extraction process. The screw press uses physical pressure to press the oil out of the seeds. There are four ways extracting oil via the screw press. The advantage of the screw press is that it allows for the flexible production of oil, high oil quality, pure flavor and light colors. Lastly, it uses simple technology and some support equipment.

The solvent extraction process uses rotary extraction to obtain the oil from the seeds. Its advantage is it has low consumption and is fit for use in mass.