fractionation process

Fractionation process is one of the widely used of the three oil refining processes today which extended the range of applications of the edible oils. These processes principally serve the purpose of modifying the melting properties of oils and fats of the edible oil which pressed by the oil pressing line in order to improve their certain properties for edible uses. KMEC provide the best fractionation process and related equipment to the customers for edible oil plant

fractionation process plant
In edible oil plant, fractionation processes consist of a controlled cooling of the oil, so that make it crystallizated. The remaining olein is then pressed out from the solid stearin by the way of centrifugation.

Different oils and fats have different characteristics due to the fact that they consist of a great number of different triglycerides. These contain fatty acids with carbon chins of different lengths and with different degrees of unsaturation.

fractionation process plant
This technique is called fractional crystallization and used to obtain oils or fats more suitable for example, as edible oils.

large scale fractionation process plant

Three edible oil fractionation processes which are in use:
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