continuous oil refinery plant

KMEC is an expert in the continuous oil refinery plant. With years of experience in the design, export and installation of numerous oil refinery plant across the world,we are expert in the manufacture of edible oil refinery plant for both large and small oil production plants. We are your reliable oil production manufacturer and supplier direct from China. We offer premium continuous oil refinery plant at the most competitive prices.

Two processes have been developed for continuous oil refinery plant of edible oils : chemical refining and physical refining.And they have been improved by KMEC.

flowchart of  physical oil refining
Flowchart of  Physical Oil Refining

Physical Refining

Our physical method of refining removes the FFA(Free Fatty Acids) in single stage of deodorization process while the gum content from the crude oil is removed in the degumming process. In physical refining, comparatively more FFA is distilled out giving a high oil refining rate with minimum oil loss. For oils like palm oil there is no necessity to go for alkali refining. After pretreatment of oil which is deodorized cum physically refined. KMEC provides a perfect physical refining process to our clients with best deals and competitive industry prices all over the world.   

Continuous Oil Refinery Plant
Continuous Oil Refinery Plant
Chemical Refining

Chemical refining is most widely used method for refining all types of crude edible oils. Chemical method of refining removes the Free Fatty Acids and other impurities in a chemical way by Acid-Base neutralization process. Caustic soda is used as a base for this method. The addition of Caustic Soda to the acid completes the neutralization. This results in the formation of sodium soaps and gums which are then separated by Separators & Centrifuges. The neutralized oil is subsequently bleached and deodorized. We offer highly productive chemical refining technology with effective refining techniques. Our oil refinery plants are working successfully all around the world.

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