complete physical oil refining equipment


Physical palm kernel oil refining complete equipment process flow:

Palm kernel oil is pumped into the oil pan by pump and degumming acid neutralization and neutralization operation. When the oil and oil foot are separated obviously and sink rapidly, stop stirring and stand still, then suck out the upper clear oil to wash the tank. The soap foot is put into the soap foot bucket through the bottom empty pipe. When the soap foot contains more oil, stop putting the soap foot. The soap foot is pumped into the soap foot can. The remaining oil in the refinery can be mixed into the next tank. The clear oil transferred from the refinery tank is washed and removed to decolorization tank for adsorption and decolorization.

The decolorized oil is pumped into the exhauster with a constant flow through the pump, and the flow of the oil is regulated by the flowmeter. In a gas separator, oil is ejected through multiple nozzles on the feed tube, maintaining a high vacuum at an absolute pressure of about 3 mmHg to release a small amount of air from the oil. The oil is pumped into the oil-oil heat exchanger and exchanged with the hot oil from the deodorizer and heated to at least 180 degrees Celsius. Out of the oil-oil heat exchanger, the oil flows into the heat-conducting oil heater and is heated to 260 degrees C. The heat-conducting oil is heated to 290 degrees C in the heat-conducting oil furnace and is recycled throughout the process. The hot deodorized oil entered the combined deodorization tower from the heat conducting oil heater. Fatty acids and other relatively volatile odor compounds were extracted by direct steam in the packed section, and then deodorized and decolorized in the plate section. When processing oil with low acid value or with low acid value requirement for product oil, it can directly enter the plate section for deodorization and thermal decolorization without passing through the filler section. Deacidification and deodorization are operated at high temperatures and at 3 mmHg absolute pressure in vacuum, and the vacuum is generated and maintained through a four-stage vacuum pump system. The oil after deacidification and deodorization is discharged from the combined deodorization tower and pumped into the heat exchanger for heat exchange with the deodorized oil to be deodorized, then into the cooler, cooled by water, and the oil temperature after cooling is not higher than 70 C. Finally, through the fine filter, the oil is safely filtered and stored in the product oil storage tank.
Notes: Deodorized tea seed oil, rice bran oil, corn germ oil and other high fat (wax) content oil should be further dewaxed and degreased.