a quick analysis of soybean oil plant cost

Wondering how much a soybean oil plant cost?

Soybean oil is a vegetable oil. It has many uses. That's why starting a soybean oil plant can be a profitable business. Soybean oil is one of the main ingredients used in food industries. Such as salad sandwich spreads, snack foods, dressings, mayonnaise, margarine, and bread. It is cheap and healthy. That's why soybean oil is popular in the world of healthy living. But not just that, because it has a drying agent, it is also that main ingredient in making paint and ink.

Now that we know that soybean oil has many uses and can be used on a variation of products. We are now ready to start a profitable soybean oil milling business. But not so fast. We first have to know how much capital we need in order for us to start.
soybean oil plant cost

The Process to Make Soybean Oil

There are three main processes to extract oil from a soybean.

-First is the seed cleaning.
-The second is the oil pressing.
-The third is the crude oil refining.

In the second step, that’s where the extraction of oil takes place. There are two ways to extract oil. The first way is the hot pressing. The second one is the cold pressing. But here, we are going to talk about the most popular one, "the first way", because of its efficiency and higher yield.

Machines We Need to Have and Soybean Oil Plant Cost

There is basically six machines to start a profitable soybean oil plant.

Here's the complete cost of the main oil pressing line (Estimated Prices):

-Seed Cleaning (Machine): $5,500.00 - $6,500.00
-Crushing (Machine): $8,000.00 - $9,000.00
-Flaking (Machine): $800.00 - 35,000.00
-Steam Cooking (Machine): $14,000.00 - $16,000.00
-Oil Pressing (Machine): $10,000.00 - $250,000.00
-Oil Filter (Machine): $2,000.00 - $100,000.00

All of these machines are needed in order to complete the whole soybean oil production process.

There are large soybean oil plants, and there is also a small one. But for starters, it's wise to start small then expand later. For a small one, you only need four machines. Soya bean Oil Seed Cracker, Soya bean Oil Expeller, Soya bean Handling System, and Oil Filter. For medium ones, we need six. A seed cleaning, crushing, flaking, steam cooking, oil pressing, and oil filter. For large plants, take the medium machines and make it larger. But for most large-scale soybean oil plants, there is a different way of extracting oil from soybeans. It is called solvent extraction. When extracting on a large scale, this process is efficient and can yield oil better than other processes. Its price is ranging from $289,000.00 - 1,890,000.00.

Other Profitable Ventures

From that price estimation, you may now have the idea of how much capital you need to have in order to start a soybean oil plant. But glad to say, there are many other uses of this edible oil processing plants. You may use this plant to extract oil from a variety of seeds other than soybeans, such as corn seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, peanut kernels, and palm kernels. Also, when producing oil from soybeans, there's a byproduct called oil cake. There's a mini machine worth $500.00 called feed pellet mill to turn your oil cake to feed-stock. This can then be fed to your livestock.

Starting a soybean oil plant is very profitable. More so, this kind of business can help you generate more great opportunities.