Groundnut Oil Extraction in Nigeria

As a developing nation, Nigeria is blessed with a lot of natural resources of which some are being used to boost the country’s economic status. The usefulness of groundnut oil in Nigeria is paramount to many consumers within the nation. Previously, there was a ban on the importation of oils in Nigeria and ever since the domestic production of this product has been adequately facilitated. Although, the demand increases daily.

Groundnut oil is very essential in cooking and its production is relevant to consumers. Asides groundnut, other major seed-producing oils in Nigeria are cotton seed, palm kernel seed, and sesame seed. The focus of this article is centered on the production of oils from groundnuts. The groundnut kernel contains up to 50 to 55% of oil and the color of the oil obtained is usually a yellow or greenish yellow color. The primary constituents of the oil are glycerides of oleic and linoleic acids which are polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also contain small amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids like palmitic and stearic acid. These fatty acids are necessary in some metabolic processes in the body.

groundnut oil

Presently, the status of groundnut oil in Nigeria is highly placed as many groundnut farmers in areas of North Nigeria are constantly harvesting the raw materials for sale to other parts of the country. The crop is grown under rainfall conditions in semi-arid areas an optimum soil temperature of 300℃ where the soil is well-drained and has high fertility. In Nigeria, the demand for groundnut oil is highly influenced by the growing population and the increase in the number of fast food joints. It also provides foreign exchange by exportation of the product. There are over ten groundnut oil producing companies in Nigeria which make use of top quality groundnut oil extraction machines to make sure the end product is refined and good for consumer use. One of the most important stages in the production of groundnut oil is the extraction process. As the demand for the product continues to rise, suppliers must meet the needs, hence the use of groundnut oil extraction machines in Nigeria.

People who deal in groundnut oil production are aware of the usefulness of a groundnut oil extraction machines. There are different kinds of extraction machines and at different prices. Extraction using a groundnut oil machine makes it easier for the manufacturer and hastens the entire production process. There are also automatic ones that make extraction a whole lot simpler. Examples of these machines include; Convertible oil extraction machine, mini oil press machine, groundnut or peanut press oil machine and auto groundnut oil processing machine which is the automated kind. To groundnut oil manufacturers, the groundnut oil extraction machine is very convenient and does not make groundnut processing so tedious unlike local methods. Having this machine makes production a whole lot convenient and meets the demand of consumers.

The relevance of groundnut oil to Nigerian people cannot be overemphasized. It is used for cooking many dishes to a satisfactory delight. It also provides health benefits, as such oils are necessary for a balanced diet. The use of extraction machines by groundnut oil manufacturing companies provide a suitable means for producing refined and good quality groundnut oil. After the extraction, the oil is packaged in plastic bottles for retailers to sell.